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Rife Frequency Resonance

Target Unwanted Labels

  • $150 per week rental

Service Description

Everything in the universe has a resonant frequency. Dr. Royal Rife learned that different species of life have their own pattern of oscillation (frequency) based on an individual genetic & chemical blueprint. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites are particularly sensitive to their own specific 'bio frequencies' and can be destroyed by intensifying those frequencies until chemical changes occur. Rife resonators generate frequencies that destroy harmful organisms without doing any harm to the users. A Rife Resonance Device comes with foot or hand straps, or a pad to lie on. The device is set to the frequency of the condition you wish to change. This modality works best when rented 1 week at a time, using it while sleeping or when sitting for longer periods of time.

Contact Details

  • 709 North Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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